Ability to Import picture and attach labels on it

I would like to import pictures and be able to paste labels to it. In this case I have some electrical connections that we dont have in the CAD. Therefore, I like to import a picture of the schematics and drag labels to certain places on the picture. But even though Im sending the picture backwards, I cannot paste anything on it…

Hi @user1582,

Thanks for the suggestion. Just to make sure we understand correctly, you want to be able to add a toolbox2d item on top of a picture you have added to your scene?

I just had a play, and whilst I cannot place it on directly if I place a 2D item (like a label) just off into space i can then move it into position. Does this get you round it?

Wow, thanks for you quick replies! Appreciate it a lot.

Its possible to move them after placing as you say. Thanks! This is totally fine workaround for me :smiley:

That’s great! I am pleased the workaround is ok for you, I have still raised an enhancement to be able to place them directly on to save you having to move them afterward.

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