Adding Audio to a project saved as an MP4

I see there is an option to add audio to the project as it is converted to an MP4. If I want to add an audio description to each step, how can I change the timing so that the video will stay on the step until I am finished with the audio explanation?

At the moment we don’t have any way of stopping the viewer user from continuing with the step once the animation has been completed. I guess our thinking was that for general use that would be restricting/annoying for them.

However, I can see why it could be useful in this case. I will raise an enhancement request.

I wasn’t sure if you where planning on uploading an audio file, so in case you didn’t realise it there is an option to speak the step description that you can turn on.

This uses the browser’s text to speech software so different browsers sound better than others (Edge for example sounds best), so if you don’t mind the synthesis it would be a lot quicker for you

Thanks for the feed back. My thought was to upload an audio file with music and voice, and then be able to change the timing to sync the viewer to the audio. Is the voice used in the text to speech selectable? If so, would it be selected in the viewers browser?

Does Text to Speach work when making a MP4 from the project?

Hi @user6388 ,

At the moment if you intend on just saving out a video, I would think the best thing would be to add the music and already recorded voiceover afterwards in something like Davinci or Premiere Pro, that way you can get all the timings, plus set the music volume/fades etc.

Currently, when you capture the video you can choose to also capture your microphone, so you could talk whilst it’s recording which may solve your issue a bit.

I do think it’s a good idea to have more control over this in Cadasio, and there’s definitely scope to improve the output so will raise some enhancement requests.