Adding measurements to steps

Being able to add measurements to steps can be helpfull. This doesn’t have to be measured in Cadasio.

But being able to click one edge and an other, and then manually add the distance can be good enough.

Hi @user5789 ,

thanks for logging this. It has been raised before, so I will add you to the existing enhancement request, as the more people ask for something the sooner we will get it in. Just so I can put a bit of weight behind this, how important would this be for you? Perhaps on a scale of 0 [not important, just nice to have] - 10 [business critical]

For our buisness this would be an easy 9 or even 10.

Some of our instructions just need one or two measurements to be understandable.

Thx for the quick response!

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Hi. It would be usable for us too.