Adding to the 3D toolbox

Hi, I am currently working a manual where at some point the user needs to grab a specific key to unscrew a few things. The key looks a bit weird and for clarity we think it would be best to use a cad model of the key in the manual. Is there any way to import a model of the key to cadasio (and use it in the same way as the existing 3d cartoon toolkit)?

Hi @Laura,

Are you using one of our CAD addins?

If so you have two options…

  1. Add it to the original CAD model. This is generally my personal preference as I can mate it into position and its then good to go in Cadasio. Typically you may make a separate configuration in your CAD program for this.

  2. If you open the key up in your CAD system and then go to the Cadasio addin, you can choose to send it to your toolbox, which should then behave similar to the 3D Cartoon kit.

Hopefully, this helps, if you have any further questions or suggestions let us know!

(for what its worth, we plan to this aspect as well as being able to add/combining CAD files easily in the future)

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Thank you, this was very helpful!

Hi, I have inserted a CAD model into the toolbox. I adjusted a scale as it really scaled it down. The scale is now 1x. For some reason, it was a lot smaller when I imported it. When I start changing the scale, it scales up really fast/becomes its real size when I set the scale to 1x. It looks good now in my editor, but I just exported it and it becomes really small again… Is there a solution for this?

In my editor:

In the export:

Hi Laura. When you say ‘export’ do you mean that you are publishing it? Or creating a PDF or creating a screenshot?

Can you copy and paste me the url from the designer so I can find the project you are having issues with?

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Hi, i’ve also had similar issues with importing CAD geometry to the asset library. Scaling seemed to be odd. although it’s been a while since i messed around with it.

Models were suddenly very small with a weird scaling value and changing color’s in the Cadasio editor didn’t stick properly. Found that i had to import it directly from Solidworks using the plugin seemed to help.