Additinal part(s) in project

Hi. Is it possible to import additional parts in to project? For example, I imported assembly into the project, made some customizations, but later I mentioned what one or more parts are missing. I have them in OBJ format. How to import these parts without importing full assembly again?

Hi @Ramunas, thanks for using cadasio and raising the question.

If you are using one of our CAD addins, then I would recommend just updating the assembly through the addin interface. That way any changes that have been made (whether that’s changes to the geometry itself, or parts added/taken away) will be reflected and any steps you have created will get updated saving you rework time.

Unfortunately at this stage, if you originally created your project from a neutral format such as OBJ, then you can’t just update it. We are looking at adding a lot more control over updating, swapping, adding and taking individual components to projects no matter what the source. This is currently down as a high priority internal project.

Hi. Good luck in your work to give us new features.

Hello, any updates on this?

Hi @user1405,

We are releasing new updates to the software every few weeks based on customer feedback and demand. This particular piece of functionality is still on our list of enhancements, and whilst it has a high priority I cannot give you an exact timeframe of when it will be completed.

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Thanks for the update! This is a critical feature we need before switching a lot of our workflow over. We’ll keep an eye out for this update!

  • Shawn

Any updates on this feature request? Received an account dormant email and would love to start using the system, but this feature is critical to our workflow.

Take care,

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the interest, whilst internally we do have a plan in place, at this moment in time I cannot give you a hard date for when this will be available. The majority of our customers use the addins and as such they update thier original CAD and then update thier Cadasio project via the addin.

That said it is most definatley still on the road map, but we have had other feature requests come in that have attracted more “hits” against them and we have to prioritise in some way. We plan to offer much greater flexibility in the way people can upload files, and then manage exisiting file sets which will give you the ability you are looking for. I appriciate this is preventing you from progressing wih Cadasio, so I will update this forum and drop you an Email when I can be more exact on a timeframe.

Hi. Is it possible now to update with extra component/part?
Because i have this issue also when try to update a model with extra part. Is it possible or will it be possible after some update? Should save us a lot of work.

Hi @user2345. What is the issue you are facing when you try? Which addin are you using?

Using Solidworks addin. I get a message that component count does not match. meaning can not import additional part in project.

You should still be able to proceed, could you get a screenshot to me? It may be more appropriate to send it privately which you can do by clicking my user name and clicking message.

Could you also tell me the version of the addin you are using - it is displayed in the header on the main window of the addin