Additinal part(s) in project

Hi. Is it possible to import additional parts in to project? For example, I imported assembly into the project, made some customizations, but later I mentioned what one or more parts are missing. I have them in OBJ format. How to import these parts without importing full assembly again?

Hi @Ramunas, thanks for using cadasio and raising the question.

If you are using one of our CAD addins, then I would recommend just updating the assembly through the addin interface. That way any changes that have been made (whether that’s changes to the geometry itself, or parts added/taken away) will be reflected and any steps you have created will get updated saving you rework time.

Unfortunately at this stage, if you originally created your project from a neutral format such as OBJ, then you can’t just update it. We are looking at adding a lot more control over updating, swapping, adding and taking individual components to projects no matter what the source. This is currently down as a high priority internal project.

Hi. Good luck in your work to give us new features.