Animate the component in step in continuous motion

I would appreciate little help of Your fantastic support crew. I would need to animate one part in continuous motion on one step. Sliding door that goes from open to close to open. Is it possible to do that?
Thank You

I think we would need to see what you are trying to achieve to advise better. Would you be available for an online meeting?

I am trying to have animated one assembly set in one step like this:
from position 1 to position 2 and then back to position one etc…
Like animation/attention/wobble X just with customized speed and X range.
Like a slower wobble with extended motion.
It is not a big deal, it can be solved by having 1-2 extra steps. But i have some short questions if you are willing to call me on Teams.

I believe my colleague spent some time discussing this with you via an online meeting last week. If you are still having issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch otherwise I will treat this as resolved.