Cadasio about Android platform

Why can’t I access it on the Android platform? It will get stuck when it reaches 20%

Hi @user5826 , Do you mean you have published a project and it won’t open on your Andriod device? Could you share a link to the project? You can direct message if you prefer.

Hi @user5826 ,

To try to speed up the problem-solving I had a quick search of your published projects, and tested the one I found and it opened up fine on my Andriod device here (Pixel 6) and also on my iPad and iPhone. If you could provide us with some more details I would appreciate it.

yes ,i cant open the project on my andriod device,there is the project link :Instructions Online by

opened up fine on my iphone and ipad device, but cant open on my Andriod device ,its Get stuck after opening 40% 。

Instructions Online by

On all the devices we have access too, that link is opening up ok for us. What Andriod device are you using?