Cadasio in Onshape, all grey

Upon starting a project in Onshpae the Cadasio tab is greyed over and no interaction is possible. See screenshot.
Using Windows 10 with Chrome.


If it hangs on a grey screen it usually means that there is an issue with loading the project. Does this project load when accessed from the main cadasio website (

If not could you send me your email details as registered with cadasio and I will take a look.

If its an issue only with the add in we may need to do a Teams meeting to try to understand the issue. Please send an email to ‘’ to ensure this gets answered as soon as possible.


Hi Tim,
It seems to load just fine into the Cadasio dashboard.

I will send a support e-mail!



Hi @S_Wilson speaking to my colleagues I believe this issue has been resolved via a screen share so I will close this forum topic. If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to get in touch.