Camera View Updating/ Deleting Confirmation

When we click delete or update, it would be nice if we were asked to confirm as it is easy to do by accident, and then you have lost your view.

Hi @paboswell, thanks a lot for your feature request. Your suggestion has been logged and the development team will review it. If they have any news, this post will be updated.

Hi @paboswell,

The update button that you see at the top of your screen is designed to be a quick, single-click operation.

However, when you update or delete from the steps menu (click the active step name at the top of the screen), the step that you are affecting will now flip over when you click update or delete, showing you further options. This now means you need to click twice (once to show option and once to perform the action) to either update or delete a step.


Hopefully, this is enough to ensure you don’t do either operation by mistake.

Oh great, yes that’s much better, the quick update makes sense and is very useful. In case it helps anyone else, I tend to create more steps then I need, really so I can get back to different points in my procedure then delete them when done

Hi @paboswell,
Good to hear you like the improved interface, thanks for raising the initial request.

Yes, creating temporary steps can be useful. In case it helps, when you create a new step you can choose it to be hidden, that way it won’t show when the project is opened in the viewer. That said, we would always recommend deleting any unwanted steps to make your project smaller and hence load quicker.