Can we improve visual performance for large assemblies that are imported from Solidworks?


I imported a project to Cadasio from Solidworks. My project is not done yet. Step by step, I updated my model. But the larger it gets, the visual performance decreases. Like rotating the model or zooming in or out on the model. Is there a way to improve large model performance?

Thanks for your hard work.

Hi @user7076 ,

Cadasio should be able to handle reasonably large assemblies. There is no set rule about how large, as the complexity of the components has a significant impact as well as the number of components.

Would it be possible to send me a link to the project? This can either be a published link or just the URL you see when in the designer. You may prefer to email with it to keep it private.

We will be in a much better position to offer guidance once we see it.