Can You back an update?

Please say that is possible to back an update. My work is lost beacause of faulty update.
I need to uppdate with ONE extra component from Solidworks. Is there an easy way to do so?

Hi @user2345,

When you say faulty update could you elaborate?

When you do an update with Cadasio it creates a file version, which you can discard if you want. If you have the project open, go to the main menu (cadasio logo top left), then click file versions this should pop up

You can then change back to version 1 if you wish. If you decide that version 2 is no longer suitable, you can delete it. From the dashboard go to the projects settings and click the components tab.

From here you can set the active file version and also delete a file version.

Currently using the addin to update a project is the way when assemblies change. We will be improving and adding more functionality with regards to file manipulation in the future.

We would be happy to look at where the update went wrong if you want?