Change Picture properties for all steps

1)I Have a imported picture on all of my steps.
Now I want to change properties of the picture for all steps. Is there an easy way to do?
2) I use link link for the picture, but it redirects to a web page.

Hi @user2345,

  1. You have a couple of options, but sounds like “update and propagate” is what you want. Can I recommend you watch our quick tip video…
  1. Unfortunately, at the moment, the URL links will direct users to a webpage. The good news is we are having a big update to all the toolbox elements coming, currently due next month, and better links will be implemented as part of that.

Thank You for fast reply. I have two issues regarding links.
1)They does not work on mobile phone when touched.
2)In the landscape mode on mobile phone there is white stripe under navigation/nfo bar that is blocking description text. Is there a way to fix this? Using Iphone SE.

  1. I just tested links on my phone and they seem to work - but it is an android device. I tested on my iPad - and they work, but it does ask me to confirm opening the new tab. I will try and find a member of the team with an iPhone and get them to test.

  2. Is it possible to send a screenshot of what you are seeing? I cannot replicate on my phone or tablets.

Under the description bar there is a white bar, cca same width that blocks the view of the text flow. Thank You

I believe my colleague spent some time discussing this and other questions with you via an online meeting last week. We have tested on an iPhone and couldn’t reproduce the white band at the bottom on our initial tests, however, we will get our hands on different iPhone models and see if there’s any difference. This doesn’t appear to be a problem on any of the Apple tablets we have tested.

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Thats right. Thank You. He was very helpful. White stripe shows sometimes now, i am trying to figure out why is that myself. Customization of navigation bar would be useful as i said to Your colleague, like size, transparency, size and speed of description text, maybe even Picture/logo integration for end user.
Keep on good work. Best regards.