Changing the reference file

I think I know the answer to this question, but I’ll ask it anyway. After getting the project over 1/2 complete, I discovered that I should not have used an active model because I am having to make significant changes to the model to speed up the time to load and improve the movements within the project. This is making me consider changing the model being referenced to a PacknGo of the original. My question I am asking, is there a wat to change the file referenced without having to remake all the steps.
Asking for a friend.

Hi @user6388,

If you are using one of Cadasio’s add-ins and do an update then it does try to match files intelligently so you don’t have to redo all the steps again.

The primary use case for this is for when someone makes a change to the original assembly (changed geometry/adds components etc) and wants those changes reflected in the Cadasio project.

If you intend to update an existing project with a completely different one, then whilst it does do some clever things in the background to match components, if they are completely different it will struggle. It sounds like you are using SolidWorks, in which case the add-in will prompt you to try and match components it doesn’t recognise. See around 3:30 in this following video.

One thing to realise is that if the assembly structure is completely different then we will definitely have a hard time matching things. My best recommendation would be to make a copy of your project, and then try updating the copy with your new assembly that way you won’t mess up your original work

I was able to change the referenced Solidworks file to a different copy of the same model. There were alot of matches to be remade, but it did actually work. I needed to make a copy of the Solidworks working file to allow me to simplify many of the parts and assemblies without making changes to the original working files. So far it has caused not issues. Thanks for your help.

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