Checkbox activates short commands

I think there is a bug regarding checklist. When Im going to name the checks in the list, the short commands get active as I write text. Like “Check 1” when I type “h” it hides the checkbox. When writing something with “s” the toolbox activates.

Hope you understand the problem!

Hi @user1582,

Thanks for getting in touch. I believe I understand correctly, and I have just tried and currently cannot reproduce the behaviour you are experiencing at the moment - whenever I type into the checklist the normal shortcut keys are disabled. I will do some further testing and get back to you shortly with my findings.

Is this just happening on checklists, or does it occur with normal text/labels too?


It happends quite randomly im afraid. Only on checklists as I have experienced so far. I can type in the first time I add a check. But if I want to change it , it will sometimes hide the whole chekbox if I put something with h in it and so on. But it differs so I guess it is some weird bug that is hard to reproduce :confused:

Thanks for the feedback. As you said, it appeared to happen quite randomly, so was hard to reproduce, hence the slight delayed response. The development team thinks they have got to the bottom of it and sorted it out. Assuming it passes all our internal testing this should be fixed in the next major release, currently due out on 27/2/21.

Thanks for raising this!

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