Checklist issue

Hi! I want to have checklist on one step thats preventing the user to go forward.
1)It preventig user to go forward when forward navigation is clicked, but as soon as you try to g back it works.
2)checklist is showed on all next steps and previous if clicked in view mode.

I would like to have it only on one step. I tried delete future properties but it shows on all following steps.
Is it possible to have it on one step only ?

Hi @user2345

  1. checklists are designed to only prevent forward navigation. Could you give an example of why you may need to stop someone going back to a step they have already done? Our thinking was since they have already seen/done that step it wouldn’t be a problem for them to go back, maybe even desirable in case they clicked next too quickly.
  1. Like other markup it should only be visible in the steps you choose. Can you tell me the name of your project and if it’s ok with you I will get a member of the team to take a look ?

It is not an issue to be able to go back, the problem is, when in view mode i go back a few steps then change back to design mode all visited steps are updated with same ckeck box. Can i send a name of the project somehow private?

Customer agreed issue has been resolved. Closing post