Colors/textures not fully importing from Solidworks

Hi there,

I’m trying to import an assembly from Solidworks into Cadasio. And it seems that not all color’s/textures are treated equally. Some import without issues, some are just white.
I didn’t expect textures to be transferred during the conversion but maybe an approximation would have been nice.

The question i’m getting at is how can i tell which types of colors/textures will be transferred correctly or what will they look like after transfer so i can adjust my assemblies accordingly.

All of the colors are applied at a per-part basis. nothing is applied on an assembly level.

Thanks for any tips

After some experimenting it seems that only the basic appearances assigned to bodies get transferred. Textures get just ignored. Guess i’ll have to revisit every part manually to solve this.

Hi @user7196 ,

Currently, part and body level colours will come through, but not face or assembly. Textures are also not supported…

However, we are looking at improving this significantly in the near future so watch this space!


Thanks for the response.
I"ll be waiting for that update then, any estimation for when the next update will be released? there hasn’t been one in a while.

Over the Christmas / New Year holiday period, our usual updates did slow down a little however we are extremely busy in the background working on some big improvements. We will no doubt get back to putting regular small updates out, but I cannot give specific details on when the next big update will be, but we have some very big plans so watch this space!