Component description upload

Is it possible to get component description/meta properties uploaded with the model? It would be very useful to automatically show component meta using tables/bom.
Thank You.

Yes! We can import the custom / meta properties when using one of our CAD addins.

If you click on the advanced tab of the addin you should see “include properties”. Please make sure that is ticked.

You can then see the properties if you click on a component and choose General-Properties on the property manager


You can use these properties in Toolbox 2D items that are attached to the part or in tables when you insert a column

Hopefully this helps. If not, or you have further questions let me know!

This is what i get to chose from. I get a name but not description.

In my component properties in SolidWorks i have component description box when we store names of our components. I do not get that in Cadasio. Is there a way to get that also? Maybe some SW tweaking?

I just tested here and everything seems OK. The custom properties should come across, is this the same for all components? Or just a particular one? If possible would you be able to send an example part for us to troubleshoot that has all the required properties in it?

Just in case anyone else reads this forum thread, a member of the Cadasio team did an online meeting with the user and determined the issue was due to the version of SolidWorks in use (2017). We generally test back to SW2018, but there must be some difference in the SolidWorks API that occurred between 2017 and 2018. Our development team will look to see if we can support 2017 and will continue dialogue with the original poster of this thread.

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