Configurations for specific parts

It would be great to have the ability to have configurations for certain parts that you might be using a lot. An example would be a cover that opens and closes. Having the ability to select the open position on any step rather than having to open it again using the tools would be helpful. For instance, I have a project where the first step for many different installations involves opening the cover and then closing it at the end. Being able to “toggle” just the cover to the open or closed position would save a lot of time and ensure consistency between steps.

Agreed, this is a great idea, and I have logged it as an enhancement request.

A couple of tools that may help if you don’t know about them…

Restore position from existing step - found on the transform slide out on the left. This allows you to pick an existing step to position an object.

You may also find the “update with selected objects” tool useful in the steps manager. if you preselect an object, open the steps manager, tick the steps you want to apply it to, then choose the option, it will update the selected steps so the object is the same. This applies to more than just the position though


I appreciate neither of these are exactly what you are after, however, they may help you out if you didn’t know about them,

Thanks for the suggestion, and if you have any more please do not hesitate to get in touch!