Copy Lighting Positions Across Steps

While the positions of CAD parts and camera angles can be copied across steps in a project the lighting source must be moved manually if it is to be copied to another step. Propagate copies the lighting source to similar steps but it takes a lot of time to refresh every step after. If it was possible to copy the lighting between steps Cadasio lighting would be easier to use, thanks!

Hi @user5237 thanks for the suggestion!

We are actually in the process of improving how our lighting works as part of a large update, and I will make sure the team takes this into consideration.

If you have any other suggestions regarding lighting/appearances now would be a good time so we can see if it’s something we can incorporate into the next big release.

The only other thing I’d say about the current system is that reflections and shadows sometimes make it really hard to see parts of the model. If there was a way to set a max darkness/max brightness without having to change the environment lighting positioning that would help show steps where the lighting is positioned in ways that cause these issues. Thanks!