Create folders in Projects Dashboard

Our team has plans to create multiple projects for each of our products. We will have manuals for our end users along with maintenance manuals for our service department.

We could potentially have 10-20 projects for each of our products, and this would more than likely create a cluttered Projects Dashboard page. The ability to create a folder for each product would really clean things up I think.

Are there any plans for this feature?

To add to the original post, the ability to add a sub-folder inside of a folder may be a great idea as well.

A great suggestion, which has been requested before. Currently, we have prioritised a few other enhancements…however, I will add you as a “hit” against this existing enhancement request. The more hits an enhancement request has the more weight we give it and the sooner it be implemented.

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Shoot, sorry for not seeing a previous request. Thanks for the quick response!