Error in Conversion

I got an error says " Error in conversion, any components that failed to convert will not appear in the cadasio project".

Hi @user7623 , This typically occurs when the underlying geometry is faulty.

What CAD system are you using?
Are they native or imported files?
Would you be able to share the failing file(s) with our support team to test and determine if it’s an addin issue?


My company uses SolidWorks mostly, and we are using Cadasio to create install instructions through it. We are mostly working with OEMs. Therefore, unfortunately, I will not be able to share them with you because of the NDA.

We are mostly receiving CAD files from OEMs (such as Ford) and they are all in assembly files with STEP files inside. Right now, I am questioning what if we receive the assembly file with all SLDPRT files, would it make any difference? or is there any other reason that I am not aware of?


If you had the files in native SW format I would expect them to come into Cadasio no problem.

When you import a file into any CAD system you can end up with issues with the body, such as face errors and tiny gaps. One thing you could try is to right-click on the imported body and run the SolidWorks import diagnosis to see if any errors come up, and if so try to fix them. If SW can fix them, then try the Cadasio export again, if SolidWorks can’t fix them automatically, then unfortunately since it’s a problem with the file itself there may be little you can do (unless you can fix it manually within SW which could be a complete pain)