Explaining of new features

Hi! Can someone explain explain these new features?It would be great.

1 Ctrl + Right click to quick draw arrow to step position
2 Alternative 2 control scheme
3 Option to ignore step navigation

Thank You

Hi @user2345 , no problem!

  1. With a CAD object preselected, if you right-click the line or arrow in the toolbox it will draw it from the object’s current position to its default position. If you Ctrl + RIght click, it will draw it from the object’s current position, to the objects step position (e.g. the position it’s in when the step is activated) to help explain I have dock a real quick video, the first arrow/line is right-click, the second is ctrl right click

  1. Due to customer request we added a new control scheme in the options

  1. Again in the options…

In cadasio you have the ability to set a steps navigation, so for example Step 1 goes to step 10, instead of 2. When in the designer it can be confusing when going between the steps, with the option to ignore, it will progress in order, 1, 2, 3 etc. This option only ever affects the editor. In the viewer (or view mode) the steps navigation will always be adhered too.

Hopefully the above makes sense, any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!