Exporting step images without added toolbox items


marketing likes to remix the instructions into a static “step by step” printed guide to include with the product. I need to loose the toolbox icons and text i’ve added for this.
The svg export has this option in the export , png or pdf do not.
also: is it possible to have higher res (600dpi for print) export for png?

Hi @user5803,

When you publish your PNG images, Cadasio is fetching already captured images, which are created when you save/update a step, hence if toolbox items are showing in the step they will be on the image. This is different to publishing SVGs as you may have noticed it goes off and has to recapture the SVG images as we don’t store those on step creation/update - hence we can temporarily change it (in this case hide the toolbox).

If we added an option to hide 2D when publishing all your (png) images, then it would have to do the same as svg, go off and recreate the images - this isn’t necessarily a problem but obviously would take longer and is not something that has been requested before. I will discuss this with the team and get it added to our enhancement list.

If it helps, you can quickly save out an image using the icon in the bottom left, and with that quick save you can choose to hide the 2D items. So whilst it would take a bit of time you could do this for every step.

As for the higher res. currently, this is limited to your monitor…however as part of our next big update we are looking at improving that, so watch this space!