How can I get better picture quality on the video export?

exporting in mp4 hightest fps and resolution. This is abolutely bad.
much worse than on screen, where its recorded from (and it does little more than a screencast ( so I’m very surprised to see quality loss from there)…

Hi @user5803 ,

If you save it out in webM format, is the quality still poor?

@user5803 @Support

I experienced similar issue. Everything looks great on the screen but the exported video looks foggy and in my case it also has some lag. I tried all possible settings but no notable improvement. Reducing the fps to 10 removed lag and improved the quality of images slightly during camera movements.

As a workaround, I used OBS studio to record my screen at the same time as Cadasio and the quality is much better. In OBS settings I set the fps to 10 and CPU priority to ‘high’.