How combine two or more models in a project

How do I do to add more than one CAD model in a project. It looks like I have managed to up load two models but in the project area where I work is only one of them showing. How do I get both models in?

Hi @user6638, thanks for the question.

Are you after 1 project with 2 models in? In which case the only way (at the moment) is to put both models in the same assembly in your CAD system before uploading. In the near future we are going to offer better options/abilities for file management, so watch this space!

If the above is not what you are after, I took a quick look and it appears that you have 2 projects, are you saying on your dashboard only one is showing? Have you got any search filters on?


In the project called Spowdi I uploaded two files but it handles it like an new updated file so I guess the way is to combine them in one assembly and yes I can do that instead.

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