Image in the background? Navigation bar?

Hello! Is it possible to have an image in the background? I tried to import a picture and send it to background by selecting position/send backward but that function does not seem to work.
Another thing that might be useful is ability to customize navigation bar with text size or maybe even with imported pictures for ex. tools needed for the step.

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Hi @user2345 the bring forward / send back function is to control the stacking order of 2D elements, so it may look like it’s not working, but you would need to have two or more 2D objects on top of each other.

Are you wanting to use a 2D image as the background (e.g. filling the entire background) or a standard image that is behind the CAD/3D objects?

I would like to have ability to import an image and use it as background behind CAD/3D objects, filling entire background.

Thanks for the clarification! This is already scheduled as part of a big update to our render options which should be available by the end of Q1 next year

Sounds great that You are working on a render options.
For ex. Technical rendering,style, when we do our SVG export is not so detailed as it should be. Or as from composer. It would be great if that is improved also. Then we could use the pictures in our paper instructions. Looking forward to update.

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