Is there a physical roadmap for customers to view?

I’ve seen the word “roadmap” being used quite a few times throughout the forums. Is there any kind of roadmap for us to view? Maybe not with time-frames or anything, but it would be great to have a “one-stop-shop” to see what features/things are being worked on. This may help cut back on double posts on the forums.

Internally we have our roadmap. I’m sure you can imagine, this is very large and detailed and has things that we are either working on, or know we definitely will work on, with timeframes etc. We can’t really share that, it’s too detailed and wouldn’t make much sense to external people. We have got a very “top level” roadmap here…

This has a few of the headings and rough timescales to the nearest quarter. One thing to point out is that there is a lot more going on / been done than what is shown there, it really is a very brief look.

We log every enhancement that users send in, even if we don’t immediately see the benefit. This can be via the forum as you have been doing, emailing support, our contact page or using the system in the help area of cadasio. Enhancements are then ranked/prioritised based on a few things, but a big factor is a number of hits against it - e.g. the more people that ask for something the sooner we will look to implement it and the sooner it will be put into the roadmap.

I think our public roadmap could defiantly be improved, so I will see if we can somehow share a more comprehensive one if people thought it would be useful?

FYI - We do also have our changelog

Which shows how often we are updating. Again, not everything is listed here as some of the updates just wouldn’t make sense or are of no interest to end-users ut gives you an idea.

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The “Top Level” road map is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Tons of stuff in there that our team is looking forward to.

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