Lock BoM-tables?

I have some questions regarding BoMs (or Metadata tables).

Is there a way to lock the size of the table? I drag the size to be fixed, but once showed on screen later the scrollbar in the table appears.

I never want this scroll bar to appear.

Also, maybe as a future request. It would be good if all properties you have fixed in the table doesn’t disappear if making later changes.
Like I do the hole table, a lot of manually copy/paste and when I realize I need to have another column and add it, the hole table disappears and all fields are empty. Can this be fixed?

Hi @user1582,

Thanks for raising this. I will get a member of the team to do some testing as both behaviours sound undesirable to me. I’ll update this post accordingly when I have some news for you

Hi @user1582,

Can you describe at what point the scroll bars appear when they shouldn’t?

We just tried putting a table on and both created a new and updating an existing step. And it seems ok when reloading and when its visibility changes.

If you could tell me the name of your project (you can private message me if more suitable) I would be happy to take a look if you are ok with that.

I have message you privately. Any updates on this issue?

Hi @user1582,

We have confirmed there is a couple of bugs here. The development team is still looking into the cause of this so we can’t give you a date of when this with be fixed. If possible could you send me how much this impacts your work (low, medium, high, critical) as that will help prioritize it.


Understand! We are quite dependent on the tables/BoMs in the instructions, so I would rate it as high. The feature of touching a row and the corresponding part is highlighted, does not work for me either men this scroll bar appears.

Thanks for working on this!

Understood. I will pass that on to the team.

Just to be clear, we are looking at all the issues you have raised, not just the scroll bars, so as soon as I have news on any of the matters we will update you.

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