Merging of projects?


I would like to merge one project into another. Is that possible?

Hi @user9898 ,

It is not currently possible to merge multiple projects together.
I’m not even sure how this would work, what order would the steps be in?

Unless you are just referring to combining multiple 3D files? That would potentially be possible, but at the moment you would need to do it in the CAD system first then upload the new assembly.

If it helps you could put a link to another project this way if you have related projects a user can navigate between them?

If you want to give me some more detail about what behaviour you would like to see, we would be happy to raise an enhancement request for the team to look into it.

I just want to combine multiple 3D files, without having to use the CAD system

We are working on being able to do this, as well as more cad file management tools. Whilst I can’t give you an exact release date, keep an eye out for our updates as we always announce new features