Multibody Meta Properties from Solidworks import


I’ve ran into an issue with how the Cadasio plug-in handles multi-body parts.
We would like to use the tool-tip feature to be easily able to identify parts during assembly. This uses the meta-data supplied by Solidworks. Which works great for single-body parts but won’t work for multi-body parts because the meta-data isn’t copied to the individual bodies. Which causes any tool-tips or labels to show up blank.

The only way for this to work currently is to deselect the option that converts multi-body part into assemblies during import. Except doing this limits the entire part to a single color. Which makes this option unusable for many of our parts.

As far as i’m aware there is no (easy) way to assign custom properties to specific bodies within SolidWorks. These are usually applied on a part or assembly basis.

Maybe the plug-in could copy the meta-data from the part to all bodies within it before converting it to an assembly in Cadasio? This would allow working tool-tips while also keeping the ability to color/hide/move individual bodies.


Hi @user7196 ,

I think you can apply properties to bodies when they are sheet metal or weldments, off the top of my head not sure when they are just normal solid bodies, but I do know we don’t bring those across. I will discuss with the team here whether it is even possible to (we rely on SolidWorks API) and if not, then I think your suggestion of being able to optionally automatically copy the meta data when converting to Cadasio is a good one.

I have raised this as an enhancement request so the team will look into this and hopefully improve the addin at some point

I’ve also ran into another issue with Meta Properties. Turns out that some of my solidworks parts have had their properties defined in all caps at some point. Which isn’t an issue in solidworks as it isn’t case sensitive. However Cadasio is which breaks my references forcing me to reconfigure labels frequently. I’d expect this to also be the case for tooltips.