Multiple views on same step

On the instruction I am creating I would like to include pass/fail views for some of the steps. It is important to have both view on the same step so the operator can identify if they have assembled correctly.
Is there a way to show multiple views on the same step? I have created this using 2 screen grabs saved as images, and uploaded them into my step, so they are not live views.

Hi @user1435,

Thanks for the question. Currently, you cannot have two “live” views (as you put it) on a single model. The approach you have taken is probably the easiest. In case you didn’t know, you can save a step as hidden so it is not shown in the normal flow of the instructions. However, since it’s a step you can then save it out easily and get back to it to change and resave if necessary.

If you did require the ability to interact with the pass/fail views at the same time you could have duplicates of the models in the project - this is something you would need to do in your CAD system and then update the project.

I have raised an enhancement request to be able to embed another project/step/scene into a step. I envisage it would act as a window/iframe.

We also have an existing project to give a lot more flexibility to the file structure, so that within cadasio you could duplicate/rename/dame/swap etc the parts out which would save you going back to the CAD system in this example. I will add you against that as the more hits against the greater priority it has.

We love hearing suggestions so it would be great if you could tell me your ideal behaviour for situations like this, and also the impact it has on your usage/business.