Part Number From Inventor BOM As Item Number?

Uploading an Inventor file. Part names are not the same as a specified Part Number in the BOM / properties. Would like to use the Item Part Number as the default balloon ID ? Should the Part Number in the Inventor iProperties get uploaded with the file ? I watched a video related to a similar question but there is no ‘Properties’ selection when trying to add a link to create a custom item balloon toolbox item.

We are looking at this and will come back when we have an answer. If it is possible to send a small inventor assembly with properties so we can check we are looking at the same thing then that would help us (to

Also can you check that the ‘include properties’ option is ticked?

Include Properties is checked. It seems that only properties set in the ‘Custom’ tab are uploaded and they can be used in a table. Hoping that properties contained in the ‘Project’ tab can be uploaded as Part Number is a main property used in the BOM.


So currently the Inventor addin only copies custom properties. I have logged bringing Project properties as an enhancement but for now, maybe creating a custom property in your template may get round the problem, see image…

Yes I have been doubling up the Part Number into custom properties, but good news your adding the Project properties will improve the workflow. Thanks !