Problem with 2D objects/tables

After 2 days work on 100+ steps project i experienced a multiple issues regarding 2d objects placement, as well working with tables.

Aligning of 2d object and text seems to change when reviewing a project in the view mode. Is there some delay on the servers after updating the step before it shows correctly on different devices??
Generally aligning and sizing of 2D objects is not working so well.
I got an issue when 2D object appears on some of following steps without propagating them.
Issue with the tables that do nor remember its size and scroll bar appears.
White stripe on Safari (Iphone) appears under navigation bar.
Is there any knowledge about issues above?
Thank You.

Hi @user2345,

I know you have been in email communication with a member of the technical team earlier today and have arranged to go through your questions via a meeting when you are back from your Christmas break. I will leave the forum post open and update it after your meeting with the team. Have a great christmas!