Published product does not match

Parts that should remain hidden until step 93 are visible in all steps, but only in the published version!

Those floating parts are off in the designer. The do not show up in “V” view; only in the published file!

Hi @user6489 ,

I just took a look at your project, and I perhaps am missing something but I cannot see any issue.

Step 93 doesn’t look how your image does, so I suspect it has been modified since raising this forum post (I’m guessing the steps have been reversed?). Could you let me know if this is still an issue you need assistance with, and if it is could you send me a link to the published project so I can ensure I’m looking at the right one? You can message me directly here or email if you do not want the link to show up publically

Closing this post as user confirmed to Cadasio support that there is no longer an issue.

If this occurs again please do not hesitate to reach out to us