Reset step camera angle hotkey

This is a lower priority feature, but I hope one that is easy to add.

I would like a hotkey for the Camera “Restore Step position” I find myself having to use this button very often when annotating instructions and it requires 3 clicks to get to at the moment and the time adds up when annotating 200+ step documents.

I would recommend making the R and Shift+R restore the camera positions when no parts are selected.

In the long run a hotkey customization tool would also be very useful.


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Good idea, one issue with your suggested keys, what happens if you want to quickly restore the camera and keep your selected parts, I could see that being useful.

If you have any other suggested keys that would you feel would be convenient for the camera restore or any other shortcuts you’d like to see let us know.

we will definitely get the camera restore in, it won’t make this next release (due tomorrow) however we will look at getting something in for the one after (due in 2/3 weeks).

This will definitely be in the next release. At the moment we are just testing but it should be…

As you suggested, for convenience if you have nothing selected and press R, it will restore the camera position to the step.

Also, pressing C at any time will restore the camera position to the step. There needed to be a separate way in case you wanted to restore the camera but you had things selected.

The update it scheduled to be released 20/08/22

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The update went live yesterday so the shortcut is now available. I will close this post, feel free to reopen or raise another if you have any comments about it.

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