"Reverse Order" button in Projects Dashboard page

I had my projects in alphabetical order on the Projects dashboard page. I clicked the “Reverse Order” button on the top right of the page, and it did what it was supposed to.

Unfortunately, I can’t click the “Reverse Order” button again to put my projects back to their original order. I have tried closing and reopening my browser, but it still doesn’t appear to be working. I have also tried selecting a different “Sort By” category, but the problem still persists.
Am I missing something obvious?

Hi @Aaron_Gondola_Skate , we will do some tests and get back to you shortly

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Sounds great, thank you!

Sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you. The team spotted an issue with the reverse order button becoming disabled, it was fixed over the weekend. Could you retest and let me know if you still experience issues?

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No problem whatsoever. It appears to be working perfectly now, thank you!

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