Show selection from previous step

Hallo! I am new to Cadasio and what i need is to select an object in one step and jump to another step and “show selection”. I have large assembly and i need to build up it with one component at the time. Thank You. It looks very promising so far.

Hi @user2345,

Thanks for using Cadasio and asking the question. If you select the components you wish to show in your step, when you change steps they will stay selected. You can then use the selection tools (found on the right) on your screen to show them - the show button is highlighted in the image below:

Alternatively, if you know the names of the parts, you can just use the tick boxes next to component names.


Hopefully I understood your question correctly. If not, or you have any further issues please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank You for fast reply. I use selection sets now, it works fine. I found it very intuitive and user friendly to work with. I found it a litle bit difficult to zoom to selection with mouse wheel. When I want to select several components at once.It would be nice to be able to zoom to cursor position just with mouse wheel.Maybe it can be customised somewhere? Thanx again.

Great! I’m glad you are finding it useful. Zooming to the mouse cursor is an enhancement that has been raised. I will register your interest in it as the more people that request it the higher up the priority list we will put it.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback then let us know! We welcome all feedback as we want to make Cadasio the best software we can!