Show tooltips function


One question…In project settings, under the viewer tab, the option “show tooltips”… What it does for the viewer actually? Thank You.
Btw good job with the popups, it is a great functon!

Hi @user2345 ,

Thanks for the question. The tooltips option is new, in fact, it only got added the weekend just gone, so we haven’t had a chance to do a proper video about them yet. However, below is a video I created whilst the feature was in development and hopefully it should give you a good sense of what they are about

Basically, it allows you to show additional information when an item is clicked in the viewer.

This was actually a customer request that we thought was a great idea and one that wouldn’t take too much to implement. That said, it is still version 1 of it, and we will be looking to enhance its functionality in the future so if you have any feedback we are all ears.

We will be making a quick tip video and blog article regarding these at some point and I will update this forum post accordingly.

Sorry for late reply. It is a very useful feature. However is it possible to select a group of components that we will the feature applies? So it works only with those components? As well it would be good to choose which meta data shows for all in selected group of components.
So, select parts, choose meta to show, apply.

Glad you think it’s a useful feature.

If you select several components then the changes you make should apply to all of them. I just tried it again (see video below) and it seemed to work, let me know if this is not the case for you.

Whilst you can’t only turn it on for a group of components, you can switch the behavior off for components. You will notice a “show” tickbox, with that unticked the tooltips won’t show when in the viewer for the selected components, which, if I have understood your question correctly, should get you round the issue? Here is a video of it in action

Thank You very much for explanation. That was really useful. It works and it is fantastic function.