Solidworks Assembly Level Features

So, the frame of our machine is a 64 part weldment. That has an item number. Then, that assembly is sent out for drilling and machining, and that completed frame has a different part number.

So, in our assembly, all 64 parts are one assembly, then that is a subassembly of the completed frame, where hundreds of holes are added.

Sadly, none of these assembly level features are showing in Cadasio; only the naked, unmachined original parts.

I could propagate these features down to the part level, but that will break every mate to the frame in our 6000 part assembly.

Is there a work around here? some setting I overlooked?

Hi @user6489 ,

So the problem is that the SolidWorks API that we rely on, opens up the weldment part to translate it, and like you say, the holes don’t actually exist in it. So at the moment, assembly-level features are not supported by our addin.

Typically the workaround would be to propagate, even if just temporarily, but clearly, you have tried that… I am a little surprised it breaks the mates, as presumably the faces still exist that you are mating between, unless you are cutting all the way through and creating new bodies?

Would it be possible to get a copy of the assembly so the team here can take a look for a workaround for you?

In step 34, you can see the threaded studs have no hole to thread into (pic 1), though it exists in the assembly (pic 2). But if you propagate the feature down to the part level (pic 3), it destroys the mates in the top level (pic 4). It must consider it a “new” face for each hole.

Multiply the propagation of these 42 multi-hole features into detonated mates and the issues to address would be in the hundreds.

Assembly level features 4

At any rate, where can I send the pack and go. (over 1 gig.)