Solidworks Colors not importing correctly

I have a rather interesting issue, My SolidWorks colors are importing mostly correctly, but at a significantly darker color than the assigned body color.

for example, the part is set to these:
RGB: 0 119 200 OR #0077C8
RGB: 217 217 214 OR #D9D9D6

Will consistently import with these colors:

I can’t find any settings that would at all change this. It does not happen when using the STEP converter, But I don’t want to do this as I really like the part updating feature included in the SW Add-in.

Are there any settings in SolidWorks or Cadasio that I can change to fix this?


Hi @user3908,

I just did some testing, using a simple cube and assigning it the colours that you mentioned, and they came in correctly into Cadasio.

Can you confirm how the colour has been applied in SolidWorks? (e.g. is it on a part/body/face)

If possible would you be able to share one of the problem parts with the support team and we will test it ourselves here? If that is ok, our email is

We have confirmed the addin was incorrectly using the diffuse value set in SolidWorks, which affected the colours when brought into Cadasio. A new version of the addin, with a fix applied, will be available shortly. After it has become available the next time you start the addin it should prompt you to download the newer version. Thank you for raising this!

Just downloaded the updated version and everything is working great!