Status/ Last Selected Info

It would be handy to know what my selected item names are. Maybe a ‘status bar’ type ui element or some easy way of finding this info out.

Hi @paboswell, thanks a lot for your feature request. Your suggestion has been logged and the development team will review it. If they have any news, this post will be updated.

Hi @paboswell,

When in the selector (either the CAD or toolbox tab) you can now choose whether or not hidden items are shown, and also whether to filter it to just the object(s) you have selected.

Hopefully, these enhancements will make it easier to see what’s selected. Don’t forget you can pin the selector open so you can always see this information.

The new features will be available to everyone when they next log in.

Let us know if you have any further thoughts or suggestions on this.

Its not what I envisaged, I was imagining a bar along the bottom, where more info is shown about the selection, but this certainly helps. I really like being able to not show hidden items in the tree thats really useful.

Hi @paboswell,
What additional information would you want to see on this bar? I’m guessing you may be thinking of those in CAD packages such as SolidWorks which show things like the world coordinates of the part, cursor position and the current unit system? I can’t think of the information you would like to show as none of the mentioned are applicable in cadasio.

If it’s just the name of the selected then it seems a bit excessive when just a single component is selected. What happens if you have multiple components selected, which component name shows? I’m hoping that the new options in the tree may be a better option for you.

We have tried to keep the interface as clean, easy to use and clutter-free as possible, but we always welcome any suggestions for improvement. Let us know what you are thinking and we are more than happy to review your idea.

Good points, I was just comparing to SolidWorks, but you are correct the information in its status bar doesn’t really make sense when Ii working in cadasio. The enhancements to the selector tree do help alot.

Thanks for the improvements and the responses.