Steps forgets properties

It is the third time it happens to my project now. Parts that I have earlier had visible are suddenly hidden and results in alla steps going chaos. I have to figure out which parts should be visible again in each step. Why is this happening? It takes so much time to redo the project all the time.

It can be all from CAD parts to 3d tools such as BoMs that suddently hides in step. When you have 80 steps its quite tidious to go through all the steps again and figure out how they should look. There is some bug here becauase cadasio changes steps I have made a week ago and haven’t even edit before this happens. It does not properly saves the properties to each step it seems.

Hi @user1582,

I can see this would be very frustrating. I checked and there are no known bugs that would cause this, so we could do with trying to replicate your workflow to get to the bottom of it. Are you OK with the support team taking a look at your project? If so can you message me the project name?

Were you doing anything in particular that you think may have resulted in this, or did you just open the project and notice the incorrect visibility?

When was the last time the project was correct? I may be able to dig out a backup of our database and see if we can spot the differences.

Since there are not any proper history of what has been done and all got very messed up I deleted the whole project in pure frustration to start over again. I can get back if it happened again. Thank you!