Surfaces handling

Hi, new to Cadasio, and I have a model that I’m testing but it has surfaces and I see “black” faces on the “back” of the surface the question is if Cadasio can handle surfaces so they can show with assigned color on both sides of the surface and if is possible can I be pointed to a example or tutorial, Thank you

Hi @user4622 ,

Thanks for the question. At the moment, for performance reasons, we only shade items on a single side, which for the vast majority of cases is sufficient.

We wouldn’t want to blanket shade all surfaces on both sides, as this would create a larger overhead and often you still may not see the back side, however, I think it’s a valid idea to have it optional. I have raised this as an enhancement request.

The only solution at the moment would be to thicken the surface in your CAD system, but I appreciate that’s not always possible.

Since you are new to Cadasio, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can always arrange an online meeting to help you get started if you wanted.