Table won't go under 106.54% of screen height

I’m trying to adjust the appearance of a table on the mobile screen, and the smallest it will let me make it for “height” is 106.54% of the screen size. Obviously, that is too big. I need it to be more like 70%. I can’t figure out why it won’t let me make it any smaller. The width it will let me take all the way down to 7.29%. And switching it from % to PX doesn’t help either, it’s just stuck at an arbitrarily large number of pixels. Help!

Can you send me a link to your project so the team can investigate?

You can private message on here, or send a message to our support team via our website

I’m not seeing how to private message on here, so I’ll send a message to the support team. Thanks.

This issue has been dealt with via support and a recent update should have resolved any issues.