Timelapse? Stopwatch?

Just an idea. How about integration of some kind of countdown(or up) integration in assembly steps? Like time lapse from the start step to last step. The point is for ex. that user can leave a feedback about installation time?

Hi @user2345, thanks for the suggestion.

On our development roadmap, we are planning on having the ability to create what we are currently internally calling “overlays”. These will be templates containing information/images/features that you commonly want on your projects. I’m sure we could look at having a timer/stopwatch that you can put on. I have added it to our list of enhancements.

Having the ability for you ( as the creator) to see information like average time to complete or a breakdown of how long is spent on a step would also be handy. So that has been added to the enhancement list too.

We have already had a request for viewers to be able to leave feedback. I can add you as a “hit” to this request. Though This could be achieved by embedding the Cadasio project into your own webpage and having that handle feedback youreslf.