Updating CAD models

When I open a model that i will be working with, the designer repeatedly asks to update the model as there was another found. If i select no, it will prompt again within seconds asking me to update the model. However if I select yes, it will update, then yet again prompt for me to update the model after i have already updated it. Any ideas of what I may have to do to get this problem out of my hair? Or is there any way to deselect automatic updates?

Hi @user1115,

Thanks for trying cadasio. Whilst I investigate the issue, can you tell me which CAD system you imported your files from?

I am importing from SOLIDWORKS in a .STEP AP214

Thanks for the info. We haven’t had any other users report this to us as of yet and I just tried with a STEP file myself and cannot replicate the issue at the moment. If you can bear with me whilst I investigate why this is happening for you and I will update you with my findings.

Apologies for the inconvenience, whilst I look into this, you may want to try creating your project using our SolidWorks addin rather than importing a STEP.

Can I just confirm that this is the message that keeps popping up for you?

yes that is the exact message that is coming up for me

I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I am on a server with 3 others using SOLIDWORKS over the same network, and it is a larger assembly with probably 50-75 individual parts.

Thanks for the information. Could you confirm which Internet browser you are using to access cadasio?

I am using Google Chrome

Thanks for the update. We have tried your project several times on all supported browsers and cannot reproduce the issue at all, so it is very strange. Would it be possible to arrange a screen share at a time that’s convenient for you?

This issue has been resolved which @user1115 has confirmed via private chat.