Updating Cadasio project having changed SolidWorks assembly

Having successfully uploaded an assembly to Cadasio from the SolidWorks addin, indeed created several steps etc., I have since changed the original SolidWorks assembly and wish to update the project in Cadasio. However, if I use the SolidWorks addin, it won’t let me update to the original project, saying this project already exists. Does this mean I have to create a new project every time I change the original assembly within SolidWorks, even where those changes may be minor? Thanks in advance.

Hi @user1822, you should get the option to update a project when you use the addin on an assembly that has already been used to create a project - this means you don’t have to make a new project every time, any steps you have created would get updated.

What changes have been done to the assembly? Is it a new file?

Thanks for reply. The addin on the toolbar only features the Update to Cadasio icon. Having made the changes to the assembly, then selected the icon, a dialog appears requesting the project details, if I enter the same details as before, it responds that this project already exists and doesn’t allow me to update. The assembly is the exact same file name. However, this assembly has two configurations, and in getting to know Cadasio as a new user, I had started with the simplest configuration and having gotten more familiar, wanted to use the more complex configuration (comprises the same and otherwise hidden parts) but retain the steps and detail I’d already generated in Cadasio, hence the need to update. Thanks again for your help.

Hi @user1822, thanks for the additional information. Is the assembly exactly the same file, or a new file with the same name?

Hi, the assembly is the exact same file, not a new file. However, in SolidWorks, the assemblies can have different configurations, so certain parts/features can be suppressed/unsuppressed depending on which configuration is enabled. But, as mentioned, all of this comes under the same assembly file name.

Hi @user1822,

Thanks for the further information. I think the best course of action is to get one of the addin team to take a look with you. I have asked them to drop you an email with details for further discussion.

Hi @user1822,

My understanding is a member of the cadasio addin team reached out via email and is dealing with you directly. The best course of action would be to correspond with them, but I’ll keep this forum post open until I hear the issue has been resolved.