Weird, ANNOYING problems

I have a few weird issues:

  1. I often re-open steps to find them with labels defaulting back to “Body 5” and changes flat out not being saved. It is super annoying as it seems like I end up having to do everything 1.5 times and sometimes many times before it sticks.
  2. I also recently noticed that many components containing multiple bodies can only seem to be highlighted as a whole component, not as just one body. The whole thing turns blue, the color can’t be changed and the bodies can’t be moved. Did I hit a button or something?

I have tried clearing the cache in chrome. I am working with a very complex model, could this be the problem?

Hi @willemsmith , Sorry to hear you are seeing some annoying issues.

  1. I think I would like to do a screen share to see this if possible? I’ll send you a private message with my details so we can try to arrange it.

  2. If the part is turning blue on selection you have assembly selection mode on. This will select the assembly itself, treating it as a lump, rather than the indivudal parts. So that is expected behaviour. If you cant select individual bodies and thigs are not turning blue (indiciating that assembly selection mode is not on) then I would suspect that during the creation of the project, the option to treat multibody parts as assemblies was not set.